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  • What is PT ONLINE?

    The smart fitness app that guides you to high quality training adapted to you. The app uses the world’s first specifically developed workout generator to create each workout.

  • Why should I use PT ONLINE?
    • You get your own workout programme personalised to you and your goals
    • Instruction videos and descriptions for 700+ exercises, providing you with plenty of variation and new, fun exercises
    • You can work out at the gym, with a power band or just using your bodyweight, i.e. wherever you are!
  • What makes PT ONLINE different?

    Most fitness apps only provide a database of premade workouts for you to choose from that though aren’t customized to your needs or goals. We don’t.

    Instead we’ve developed a technical platform specifically designed to create workouts personalized to you based on a number of parameters such as physical profile, goal, prior experience, mobility and commitment. This allows us to provide customized workout programmes designed for each individual user. In addition to that we also offer premade workouts that can be added on top.

    Why is this approach beneficial? You’ll get training that’s relevant for you, there’s always going to be immense variation (no risk that you’ll get stuck doing the same workouts over and over again) and the training will change with you as you progress and get stronger (just to name a few benefits).